How to Select The Perfect Wheel For Your Vehicle?

The magnificence of a car is incomplete without the right set of wheels. A car with a buck load of horsepower, speed and a luxurious feature can never really achieve its full capacity without the beauty and toughness of its wheel, tires and rims. There are a few specifics to put into consideration when trying to decide the best wheels that accentuates the flawlessness of your ride.


Since the advent of automobiles, steel has always been standard material for wheels due to its lack of vulnerability to corrosion and rust. In recent times the evolution of automobiles has led to the adoption of alloy as standard material for avid1 wheels. Alloys are a mixture of metals. They are lighter in weight also resist corrosion and rust. They are the best choice for heavy lifting such as towing of vehicles. Another feature of alloy is the wide variety of truck wheels they provide.



This produces durable wheels forged from dense alloy. They are more expensive in comparison to the other varieties of alloy. Examples of forged alloy avid1 wheels include Black Rhino, Enkei truck, and American force.


The metal is malleable owing to the low pressure process of alloy casting. They are very light in weight hereby giving them the advantage of unbeatable speed. Off-road truck wheels are popular for their use of cast alloy. Examples are Fuel Off-road, Dropstars Off-road and the KMC XD.


If your everyday route has landscape challenges such as rocky, slippery and slopes you would thrive better with wider set of Avid1 AV56 wheels and wider tires which provide better traction.




Adding a “plus one” or “plus two” inch tire can give your vehicle a new fresh look but the downside would be an added weight which reduces the 0-60 acceleration and increases fuel usage. The upside would be: a better brake life and generally better performance.


Your tires have great impact on your top-speed, acceleration and your control. Tires with the greater speed rates are usually made of softer rubber which has less weight and high elasticity but the downside would be a lower thread life. With these factors in consideration you can easily find the perfect tire fit for your vehicle.