KW is a leading suspension manufacturer that offers its clients the most extensive suspension programs in the world. Now called KW automotive, the company was founded in 1992 by a man known as Klaus Wolfarth. Based in Murrhardt, Germany, the company was originally called KW tuning. In 1995, it manufactured the first KW suspension kit and the following year it changed its focus from general car tuning and began to specialize in manufacture of coilovers. It aimed at serving the German market, which has rigorous TUV certification requirements. The company also relocated its premises in 1996 and again in 1997 as it was building its premises. In 1998, the company went public, becoming known as KW automotive GmbH. By the next four years, the company had acquired enough technical expertise to manufacture coilovers for a wide range of vehicles, from show cars to professional racing cars.

In the beginning, the company employed only three people, and operated in an area covering 1600 square feet. Today, it is represented in all corners of the world, with about 200 employees spread in five locations. The company’s headquarters cover 247,500 square feet and it is located in Fichtenberg, Germany. The workers in this ultra-modern and unique facility manufacture over sixty thousand kits every year, which are shipped to customers all over the world. This is a big step-up from the initial volumes of fifty kits in 1995.The delivery program has expanded to include numerous applications.

What distinguishes KW suspensions from its competitors like BC Racing Suspension is that it is still run by car enthusiasts, just like the way it was founded. As such, it is relatively small and flexible and most significantly, it stays in touch with the daily suspension needs of both street and sport car tuners. The company’s coilover technology is of unquestionable quality, which is the reason it is used in racing cars.KW suspension adheres to the most exacting standards of German car engineering. The coilover suspensions are manufactured using materials of the highest quality. The individual suspension solutions allow customers to adjust the height of their vehicles according to their needs. The adjustment parameters meet stringent TUV standards.Using a uniquely designed exterior thread, you can easily adjust the position of the yellow-coated springs either downwards or upwards to achieve a desired height. The KW suspensions systems include superior-quality yellow springs, bump stops made of elastomer that include a dust protection system and purple-colored aluminum components. It is a truly comprehensive and unique suspension system that is guaranteed to meet a wide range of quality and performance demands.


The strut housings, made of stainless steel, are made to fit specific types of cars. They come in three different kinds of damping technologies. The suspension kits come in variants labeled 1, 2 or 3- all of which use a twin damper and are tailored to meet the particular requirements of every customer. For motorsports applications, the company offers monotube coilovers which are designed to cope with the extra damping forces experienced by race cars. The twin tube damper’s strong points include comfort, robustness and serviceability for everyday street use.

Towards the end of 2000, the company rolled out its new Inox line stain less steel kits which were guaranteed to provide improved looks, better corrosion resistance, a higher load tolerance and unrivaled quality.

Aside from the suspension solutions, the company also operates the LSD-Doors brand. These are unique door systems that allow nearly all major car brands to have their doors open upwards just like Lamborghini cars. The LSD fittings are vehicle-specific and are fitted to replace the car’s serial hinges.

Today, the company’s high quality KW coilover suspension systems are widely acknowledged as the market leader in Europe. With each rising day, the company is setting new benchmarks due to its commitment to making products of unsurpassed quality and high level of innovation.

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